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Demise of our City

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Brilliant letter from Ian Harrex which sums up the WWTP Fiasco

My earlier letter disclosed how Seawater was being pumped into the Waste Water Treatment Plant for an extended period. At the Ratepayers Association meeting disclosures of the procurement process, followed by installation of the Aerators in the plant extends the evidence of farcical management practices by Council at the plant. It is important that we as Ratepayers force the Wanganui District Council to sit on their hands before they lead us into another financial disaster.

Remember this, it was BTO Ltd that was hired by the Council to sort the problems with the previous plant when it was obvious it was failing. During the period of their supervision no replacement Aerators were installed and the Seawater was being pumped into the Plant. They effectively oversaw the demise of the Plant. The reward for that was they got appointed to design and build a replacement Plant.

After 5 years of negotiating the WDC still has no Memorandum of understanding or Heads of Agreement with the wet Industries as to how the capital and operating costs of a new plant might be shared. Yet the WDC will foolishly likely sign up to going ahead with the Cardno BTO scheme. It is unlikely that the Wet Industries will commit to a system that has operating costs up to 4 x the original plant had and why would they, they are not fools.

It is imperative that the WDC step back from proceeding with the Cardno BTO scheme until all alternative proposals have been investigated. If the WDC proceeds with the Cardno BTO plant it will signal the demise of our City. Do you want that?

Ian D Harrex



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