street trees

Whanganui Street Trees

Review of Whanganui District Council Tree Policy needed to reduce unnecessary infrastructure repair and maintenance costs. Street trees are planted to provide shade for pedestrians and amplify streetscape appearance. These trees are made up of various species that cause varying degrees of damage to adjacent infrastructure. London Plane trees are...

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Vic Ave

Whanganui Mainstreet

Introduction Whanganui Mainstreet is contained within the Central Commercial Zone (CCZ), forming the core of the central city retail area. Slow responses to the changing retail environment are putting at risk the success and vibrancy of this area. Central City Retail Whanganui Mainstreet was last refurbished during the1990’s. This work...

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Double Dipper


On May 5 Parliament enacted a law that prevents Auckland “double-dippers” from being paid for representing more than one local board. There are instances there of several people representing two or more local boards under Rodney Hide’s amalgamation stupidity and being paid accordingly. It is long since past the time...

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